Gastric Plication/WRAP

This method is one of the newest. This operation has been more popular since about 2010. The essence of the surgery is restriction, a mere prevention from eating larger volumes of food. The method of gastric plication (LGCP – Laparoscopic Greater Curvature Plication) is achieved by stitching the stomach wall together and then tucking the wall of the stomach in on itself. This has the result of the interior of the stomach wall filling its own space therefore space for food is greatly reduced. It does not involve cutting the stomach, and it is arguably reversible. There is no foreign body to implant like the band, and recovery is quick.

The results of this procedure are still viewed with caution, pending a larger number of post-op patients and a longer history of the operation, but there are now post 3 year reports which show it to be a safe procedure with better results than the band. Short-term results are encouraging and the operation sits well between gastric banding and sleeve gastrectomy with a 45 – 50% average excess weight loss. Given the above, however, this procedure is still regarded as clinically untested and needs close monitoring.

Suitable for?

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The gastric plication is most suitable for patients with a BMI of less than 40, although many patients with higher BMI’s have been very successful with this procedure.

The stomach is folded and therefore still remains intact, this means that more care must be taken to stick to the guidelines of no more than 100g portions to ensure that the stomach does not stretch and the restriction is maintained.

It is most suitable for:-

  • BMI under 40
  • Patients who can successfully follow dietary guidelines, but struggle to maintain their loss
  • Patients who feel they do not want to have part of their stomach removed or re-routed
  • Patients who do not have a particularly sweet tooth
  • Patients who can cope with feeling hunger
  • Patients with financial restrictons
  • As a better alternative to the band

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