Nicola – sleeve

What a difference a year can make? I had my WLS surgery May 19th 2014 under the expert care of Dr Hruby and his team. As a result of this and the efforts I have made to follow his advice on nutrition and activity and the amazing support and insight I have received from Coaching with Amanda Duggan I am now 8 stone lighter. I am lighter too emotionally as prior to wls I felt like I was living my life with the sound turned off. I was angry all the time – mostly with myself for allowing myself to get to a BMI of 56. Being hugely overweight negatively impacted my life in ways that I am only now beginning to fully understand. I was very guarded in relationships both professionally and in my personal life. As I result I missed out on opportunities and experiences.

Taking the step to embark on coaching where I would need to open up and be more open than I would be normally was a major leap of faith for me. I can see now that this was partly due to my “last chance” mindset but mostly it was down to the initial chat I had with Amanda Duggan.

I am by nature quite wary when meeting new people and am very slow to trust and take people into my confidence. I can see in hindsight that even during our initial chat I recognised that Amanda was a  safe pair of hands (and ears) After a lifetime of battling with my weight I realised that my issues were not as simple as eating less.

” After a lifetime of battling with my weight I realised that my

issues were not as simple as eating less. “

The physical aspect had been dealt with by Dr Hruby what I needed to do was address the emotional aspects of my approach to food to achieve a long term sustainable solution.

I signed up for a course of coaching with Amanda at New Leaf was one of the better decision that I have ever made. During my time working with Amanda I have started to understand the triggers that I have for unhelpful behaviour around food. I have learnt strategies and methods that ensure that I make positive choices and help me cope with situations that would have previously resulted in consuming a packet of biscuits rather than dealing with what the actual issue was. I have learnt to recognise head hunger – ie Am I bored, upset or angry sad and as a result I make better choices. I still have a choice but usually I make one that helps rather than harms me.

This knowledge and self awareness has been a major factor in enabling me to achieve and maintain my weight loss and has helped me in ways that I couldn’t have imagined a year ago.

Throughout my time working with Amanda I have felt supported and encouraged. As a naturally guarded type of person it is testament to Amanda’s skill and professionalism that I didn’t hold back and learnt things about myself that are enabling me to finally live the life I want to.

I cannot recommend Amanda’s coaching enough. Anyone considering WLS should understand the importance of dealing with the “headstuff”. Knowledge is power and I am now empowered to deal with whatever life throws at me without reaching for food as a buffer .I am a realist – life still happens however it is a lot more enjoyable with having excess weight to deal with too. This is a direct result of the benefits of Amanda’s coaching and support and for that I will be for ever grateful. Nicola