Vertical Sleeve resection of the stomach

Laparoscopic surgical narrowing of the stomach.  Read more…

Gastric plication/wrap

Laparoscopic folding the stomach in on itself twice and stitching.  Read More…

Gastric bypass

Laparoscopic surgery which shrinks the stomach and connects it directly to the loop of the small intestine.  Read More…

Gastric banding

Laparoscopic implantation of a controllable ring on the upper part of the stomach.  Read More…

Meet the Surgeons

Dr Martin Hruby

Dr Martin Hruby is a highly regarded Bariatric Surgeon in both the Czech Republic and Internationally. He graduated from the Charles University Prague in 1987 and has since gone on to become a Senior Consultant in general surgery and the Chief of Staff at Panachova Hospital in Turnov specialising in endoscopic and laparascopic surgery.

He has been a bariatric surgeon since 2003, and has since become the Chief of the Bariatric group and now trains other surgeons in Bariatric procedures. He has an excellent reputation as a top class Bariatric surgeon with a very low sleeve gastrectomy leak rate of 0.6% from approximately 800 procedures. Read Dr Hruby’s CV

MUDr Jan Hain Dr Hain

1995 – 2001 Charles University, Hradec Kralove,Czech Republic, Doctor of Medicine

2001 – present; Panochova Hospital, Turnov, Czech Republic – Surgery Department; Surgeon

Further Training and Development

2001 – present – Plastic Surgery

– Internal Department – 1st degree of general surgery 2004

– 2nd degree of general surgery 2010

since 2004; regularly carry out bariatric procedures, including more then 130 sleeve gastrectomy resections, with one postoperative bleeding episode and no leaks. (trained and recommended by Dr Hruby).  Read More…