Breclav Hospital

Břeclav is a small town in the South Moravian Region, 52 km southeast from Brno on the Dyje River, near the border with Austria and Slovakia. Břeclav is an important border crossing and railroad crossing of international importance, not far from both Bratislava and Vienna, capitals of neighboring countries.

Since 2009 the bariatric and metabolic surgery has been a part of the surgical department. Though, the personal experience of Dr. Čierny started already in 2003, containing more than 1500 bariatric procedures. More than 1000 bariatric surgeries were performed in Břeclav Hospital till now and the staff of anesthesiologists, internists, surgeons, nutritionists, psychologists and nurses form a multidisciplinary team have gained a huge erudition in bariatric care, including foreigners. Several hundreds of bariatric patients from UK used to come via Cosmetic Bliss Ltd to have bariatric surgery in Břeclav hospital. Since the workshop with Dr Rutledge from USA in Břeclav Hospital in 2011 the MGB/OAGB has been used more frequently, achieving the best results, especially in diabetic patients.


The rooms for bariatric patients are located in building B of our pavilion type hospital with several buildings connected via corridors, in the neighborhood of green gardens and wood.  Most rooms are double rooms equipped with a bed, TV, bathroom, free WI-FI connection. In superior standard single rooms there is also a fridge and lockable wardrobes and cupboards. A safe and a kettle are available elsewhere for use of clients. The rooms are centrally heated in cooler weather and air-conditioned in summertime.

In 1992 the Břeclav Hospital was opened here as the newest hospital in the South Moravia region. All departments have accreditation granted by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, which authorizes them to educate doctors and other health workers. The hospital has an integrated management system in place according to ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Currently there are 419 beds and 800 employees in Břeclav Hospital. Our operating rooms are equipped with medical equipment common to the best hospitals in Europe – Maquet, Hoyer-Datex, Ohmeda, etc. with a special operating table for bariatric patients heavy up to 300 kg.  An average of 20-25 thousand patients are hospitalized each year, further tens of thousands are treated at outpatient clinics.

Although the incidence of complications is very small, we are ready to solve quickly thanks to the well-equipped facilities as the Radiologic department with fluoroscopy and CT scan, the Endoscopic department, the Anaesthesiologic department, several specialized IC Units and comprehensive laboratories offering suitable background for treatment of difficult patients.

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Johann  had a sleeve with Dr C and says “Surgery had many beneficial health impacts including diabetes reversal,reduced arthritic pain and swelling and led to a beautiful baby after 12 years of trying”


Caren Chandler, a Dr C patient says “Dr C is very approachable and very experienced and he changed my life”

Caren Chandler

Dr C is a very professional and skilled surgeon. I felt like I was in safe hands for my entire hospital visit. In addition to the multitude of tests they do pre-op, to make sure you’re healthy enough for surgery, they explain everything thoroughly. I had no complications afterwards and was happy with the tool I had been given. I would recommend either Dr C or Dr H to anyone who is thinking of getting wls. Their cv and reviews from patients speak volumes about how knowledgeable and professional they both are in this area of surgery. I had a revision surgery with Dr H, to help fix a reflux problem. He is very kind and has an excellent bedside manner. I have had no complications from my surgery with him either. I’m happy with my decision and would make the same choice 100 times over. With either surgeon, you will be in safe and professional hands, who have performed this surgery thousands of times.