Why Here?

Why choose to come to the Czech Republic?

Leading medical tourism destination due to its high quality medical care.

Affordable. Wages and living costs in the Czech Republic are lower than in the U.K, meaning that procedures are also considerably cheaper than in the U.K, whilst not compromising on the quality of the surgeon or the care given.

Hygiene requirements are very strict, hospital infections are very low

The Czech Republic is easily accessible from the UK.

 Why specifically Turnov and Dr Hruby?

Dr Hruby is on the registered list of bariatric providers, see International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and metabolic disorders;

Dr Hruby likes his clients to stay for a few days longer than most other providers, so that you can be monitored closely, and so that you are recovered enough to travel home comfortably. If there are any complications, you will not be released from the hospital until the Doctor is completely happy that you are fit and well enough, even if this means an extended stay.

Surgery is performed here in a general hospital, so that you are in the right place should any complications arise. All tests are performed here beforehand (bloodwork, ecg, chest xray, spirometry, etc). In our opinion, a high quality hospital is a better choice for surgery rather than a surgery centre or clinic. In the rare case of an emergency, a hospital is better equipped with all medical specialists, equipment and services, like blood bank, MRI, x ray, etc at the same location. The hospital provides high quality, low cost surgery.

Panochova Hospital is away from the large Czech cities, in quite a rural area, therefore making the surgery even more affordable.

Panochova hospital Turnov Ltd certifications

CQS member of the international network of certification body IQ NET- http://www.cqs.cz/
Representatives of the hospital took a certificate from CQS Prague, which looks at our standard of medical care, the system of education of nurses, doctors and patients quality monitoring requirements.

ISO 9001 : 2001 is the internationally recognised standard for an organisations Quality Management System, which promotes excellence in every aspect of corporate procedures. Re-assessment is conducted on a regular basis to ensure the company maintains the high quality levels associated with this respected standard. The certificate is valid all over the world and is the highest award of service.

The certificate is a quality care guarantee, ie. that everything is done to provide services that contribute to the improvement of health, quality of life and patient satisfaction.

Every year we are subject to a supervisory audit that verifies that the quality management system is adequately maintained and improved, because the system should not only be maintained, it is necessary to introduce new elements to it and improve it. This year we want to improve monitoring of quality markers (monitoring and prevention of pressure ulcers, nosocomial infections, infections occurring during treatment), we want to reduce incidents and unnecessary costs.

Turnov and Cesky Raj websites

Turnov is situated in a beautiful region of the CR called the Bohemian Paradise. Perhaps you would like to look around the area before your surgery!