Dr Hruby

Dr Martin Hruby is a highly regarded Bariatric Surgeon in both the Czech Republic and Internationally. He graduated from the Charles University Prague in 1987 and has since gone on to become a Senior Consultant in general surgery and the Chief of Staff at Panochova Hospital in Turnov specialising in endoscopic and laparoscopic surgery.

Dr Hruby specializes in Gastric Sleeve surgery and this is his preferred type of procedure.

He has been a bariatric surgeon since 2003, and has since become the Chief of the Bariatric group and now trains other surgeons in Bariatric procedures.

He has an excellent reputation as a top class Bariatric surgeon with a very low sleeve gastrectomy leak rate of 0.6% from approximately 1560 plus procedures.




1987 -Graduated from Charles University Prague, Faculty of General Medicine,
1990 – Postgraduate Diploma
1995 – Attestation II. degree
Senior consultant in general surgery since 1995, Sub-specializations; minimally invasive and endoscopic treatment, gastroscopy, colonoscopy, laparoscopy
Chief of staff since l998
Bariatric Surgeon since 2003

Member of: IFSO – International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity
EAES – European Association for Endoscopic Surgery

Studied at: University of Tubingen, Germany
Centre for Minimally Invasive Surgery
University of North Carolina USA
Hospital Hallein, Austria, Centre


Dr Hruby’s experience/complications until the end of March 2018:

Total bariatric procedures –  1560+

Sleeve resection: – total number of surgeries 1300+

Average EWL over 5 years

Complications: Bleeding – 13, late leak (fistula) 10 stenosis of the sleeve 1 (susp.) , pneumothorax 1, ARDS 1, brain stroke 1

Plication – total number of surgeries 220+

Complications: Leak 1, too tight wrap with necessity of re-do to release 1, bleeding gastric ulcer 1

Gastric bypass: – total number of surgeries 41+

Complications: malnutrition after omega loopn bypass with necessary re-do surgery 1, anastomotic ulcer 3
Other complications in British clients:

It was not a surgical complication but very rare anesthesiology complication – pneumothorax and subcutaneous emphysema. This complication needed several days of breathing support, the problem was treated within one week and the patient returned home. Treatment was included in the original price (no extras).