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Great experience

I went out to Prague with new leaf at the end of July this year. I found the organisation of everything to be spot on. I didn’t worry about a thing and l haven’t travelled overseas in years. The pick up at the airport went smoothly and the hospital were ready for us on arrival. Testing started immediately and was very efficiently organised and thorough. Surgery happened Monday which was great as keen to get on with it. I was given great care. Staff responded immediately to any requests for help. Very happy and recovering well.

Kathy Ryan

Life changing!

I have been overweight for most of my life. There isn’t a diet or plan I haven’t tried. I’ve had counselling and hypnosis before.

I had always resisted surgery as “the easy way out” and the worry of being judged. But I was judged for being overweight!! I tried another drastic and expensive diet and after a massive 7 stone loss in 4 months I fell off the wagon spectacularly. It was then that I realised that I couldn’t do it alone! I finally realised that this was my last chance.

Amanda and everyone at New Leaf supported me all the way.

I had gastric sleeve surgery in January 2019 and 4 months later am 4 stone lighter.

I also signed up for coaching to support my journey. And it has honestly revolutionised my life. I’m in control now and not food. After 20 years of emotional eating I now have found other ways to soothe myself. I’m losing weight and it’s not a battle.

I wholeheartedly recommend surgery, but more than that I recommend the coaching! I’m finally free!!!

Carly Lancaster

Great experience

I have PCOS and after years of gaining weight despite hitting the gym four times a week and dieting on and off for 20 years I hit an all time low. I sat in tears with my Consultant and asked him what else I could possibly do and he suggested the sleeve. I did qualify on the NHS and started on the pathway but family responsibilities meant I couldn’t just go to hospital at a couple of weeks notice. I started looking into having it done privately and New Leaf came up. They were lovely from the word go. They answer all your questions happily and the support group is amazing. Pretty much anything you ask someone will already have been through and will have a solution.

I booked to go at the end of May 2018. Transfers were easy and the hospital was really well organised. I will say at this point the hospital looks older and more used than most UK hospitals but don’t let that fool you, the hospital has everything it needs and provides an excellent service. Staff were brilliant, I never found the language barrier an issue via Google translate, hand gestures and quite a bit of laughter while we worked out what each other meant I always felt understood and listened too.

I flew home after staying 6 nights and the flight home was fine. I am coming up a year post op now and have lost 81lbs. I am 8lb away from my goal weight and the reduction in my PCOS symptoms and general quality of life are 100% better. The only shame as far as I am concerned is that New Leaf don’t do plastics at the moment as if they did I would already have booked to go back for a tummy tuck as they really are that good.

Judith Voyle

New Leaf gave me a New Me!

My only regret is not deciding to do this 10yrs ago.

New Leaf have an amazing team that answer any of your questions and worries. You have a great support network in a group with people who’ve gone through the process as you and you never feel alone throughout your journey.

Bahar Kamil

Excellent 5* Service

My name is Aryan Ayoub, I had my Gastric Sleeve operation on the 1st August 2017. The care I received at the hospital was beyond my expectations and better than I received in the UK. I reached my target weight within around 7.5 months from 19 stone down to 12 stone and look a million dollars now.

I found it so easy and straight to get my sleeve booked thorough New Leaf and the support and help I received thorough was amazing. If you are thinking about getting the sleeve then go for it don’t delay do it today as your a life would be changed once and forever.

Aryan Ayoub

New leaf has giving me my life back!

I came across new leaf when researching weight loss surgery. It was on YouTube I seen some professional videos and some patient experience videos. I was amazed at the results. After having a consultation in the UK with a different company I was so disheartened as the cost of sleeve surgery in Uk is extortionate and was not realistic option for me. From the first email to Amanda I felt I had found a really trustworthy, safe and patient centred company. I was hestictant about booking surgery abroad. But with the support of Amanda and her team via email and Facebook private group I knew I was in safe hands. The hospital is a general hospital and not a fancy hotel which was clean and the staff are so efficient. Dr hruby was very friendly and reassuring, I can honestly say it has changed my life. 6.5st down in 8 months and very close to goal.

Kayleigh bloomfield


“I loved the treatment I got and the life changing results I was wanting. From the moment I booked the surgery till now 5 months post surgery, the support has been outstanding. Dr Hruby has never faltered in his professionalism and the support has never stopped from New Leaf, even post surgery. The price was the most reasonable that I have found everywhere. I went with my husband and child and the hospital was very accommodating for all of us.”

Treatment Received : Gastric Plication

What clinic user


“I have been out to this clinic and had a gastric sleeve. Could not have been happier with the outcome.
The after support is amazing. I am able to stay in contact with my surgeon via email and he always replies personally with 24/48 hours. If not, I am able seek advice with UK base support with replies instantly or within an hour or so. Thank you for all your support. xxx”

Treatment Received : Gastric Sleeve



“New Leaf organised my gastric sleeve in the Czech Republic in January 2014. All the information and arrangements were good. Patients book their own flights but New Leaf arrange the rest. The op took place in a general hospital with full nursing care and surgical facilities and a full weeks stay. The surgeon is very experienced and caring and speaks good English. New Leaf are very supportive without pushing you towards having surgery or choosing a particular procedure. The Facebook Group of prospective and post-op patients is a fantastic source of advice and information. I’m very happy with my choice.”

Treatment Received : Gastric Sleeve



“I had a Sleeve Gastrectomy with Dr Hruby in July 2013, and have just returned to have an Abdominoplasty, Brachioplasty and thighplasty. I would unhesitatingly return for any other procedures that I might need. The care and professionalism is unrivalled, the stay in the hospital for 7 days is reassuring, and the hospital is excellent..much better than being in a private clinic with few medical facilities, and then sent to a hotel after 2 nights.”

Treatment Received : Gastric Sleeve

Kirsty, UK


“I contacted New Leaf about gastric surgery Becky was great she added me to the support group, I was never rushed into making my decision , I asked questions on the forum and made my decision to have the sleeve. Becky sent my medical details to Dr Hruby and I was accepted. The great thing was my Husband was able to come and stay with me in the hospital.

I had my gastric sleeve in Nov 2013. We arrived on Sunday and was picked up by the hospital transport and the lovely Milan he accompanied us up to the ward and into our room. The hospital was spotlessly clean, the ladies came everyday and did a thorough clean, the nurses were great very friendly and nothing was to much trouble, press the bell and they were there in less than a minute fantastic service. the Language barrier was not a problem used gestures and google translate.

Monday I was taken by the nurses for all the pre op tests. Dr Hruby came to tell me that the tests results were ok and I would have my operation on Tuesday around noon.

Dr Hruby sat with me and explained the procedure in great detail and what to expect post op. I was given the time to ask any questions and never felt rushed, Dr Hruby has a great bedside manner and made me feel at ease. He came every day to check on my progress and to take the drain out.
Before I returned home Dr Hruby came and sat with me and went over the post op rules he explained the liquid stage and the mush stage and the transition onto solid foods.

I had no problems at all after the operation and my recovery was quick.I have lost 4st 3lb in 24 weeks it has changed my life I can now run, walk miles and enjoy my grandkids
I must say my stay in Turnov was first class wonderful Dr great nurses. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Hruby and Becky from New leaf.”

Treatment Received : Gastric Sleeve

Marie, UK


“I cannot praise the care I was and am receiving, or the wonderful team highly enough. From beginning until now I have felt confident and supported. I was given the price and that is what I paid. The service is exceptional with health being top of these peoples agenda.”

Treatment Received : gastric sleeve



“I stumbled across New leaf and I am so glad I did. Becky was great and I was able to make an informed decision on my surgery after being added to the private support group on Facebook. My whole experience was positive. Dr Hruby was wonderful and I felt that I was in safe hands. The hospital was so clean and the nurses friendly. I was very impressed with the cost of my gastric sleeve surgery and have no regrets. Would do it all again tomorrow.”

Treatment Received : Gastric Sleeve

Natasha UK


“The service I received from New Leaf and Dr Huby was fantastic. I flew alone and was collected from the airport to be transferred to the hospital. The hospital is clean and the staff are wonderful, the procedure had been explained in great detail by New Leaf (who made it very clear they were at the end of the phone for me 24/7 even if it was just to discuss nerves !) The care I received in the hospital was fantastic, I met with Dr Huby before my op who’s English is perfect he once again explained the Op and asked if I had any questions. All my pre op tests were explained, the nursing staff were very kind and understanding. Pain relief was given every four hours. The 24 hrs following my Op were the most uncomfortable for me as I felt very sick, I was given anti sickness meds and helped with personal care. I can honestly say the whole experience from start to finish was better than any medical care I have received in the UK. I would recommend New Leaf and Dr Hruby to anyone wishing to have weight loss surgery, you are in safe hands all the way, New Leaf have also been great with aftercare and have always been at the end of the phone to offer support and answer any questions in have had.”

Treatment Received : Gastric Sleeve

Natasha UK


“Everybody is phenomenal. The staff so friendly and effective, you will feel well taken care of and you are! No hidden costs, the price is all inclusive. I would recommend anyone to try Dr. Hurby, you will be humbled and pleased.”

Treatment Received : Gastric Sleeve

Ellen, UK


“My experience with New Leaf was fantastic from start to finish. I did not need to worry about anything as was treated with the utmost care. The service and hospital stay is second to none. I would definitely recommend”

Treatment Received : Gastric Sleeve



“When I I found a web site for this Hospital, I was forwarded to the site ‘New Leaf Weight Loss Surgery Ltd” and boy am I glad. The clear, easy to find AND understand information is there to find, either in the facts and info sheets or with the wonderful ladies that run ‘New Leaf’ who are always happy to answer silly, confusing, boring questions.

As for the surgery itself, the Hospital was clean and tidy with all the modern facilities you would expect, staff extremely friendly and very professional. The private room we (my Mum and I) had was lovely, everything we needed was in there, en suite, kettle, microwave, small fridge, easy/comfy armchairs, dining table.

Dr Hruby was so lovely, he explained everything in easy terms and was happy to answer all questions.
The operation was (as far as I am concerned) a complete success, the mild discomfort I felt was quickly alleviated by the nursing staff. The care I received was beyond brilliant and I can not recommend this group highly enough, they are fantastic.
If anyone I know was thinking of having bariatric, I would not hesitate in advising them to use this site.”

Treatment Received : Gastric Sleeve

Zara UK


“I have had a gastric sleeve done not only for weight but also to help my fibromyalgia. From the moment I got in contact with the clinic till today I have not had anything less than perfect treatment. My op went so smoothly and so far has changed my life dramatically for the better. I will forever be grateful to Dr Hruby and his team.

 My experience was so organised and friendly I felt totally relaxed. My boyfriend and myself were informed about every step and were so well looked after. We were greeted with smiles warm genuine people and a very professional service.”

Treatment Received : Gastric Sleeve

What clinic user


“I used New Leaf Clinic and client coordinator Becky Lee to arrange VSG – Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery in the Czech Republic with Dr Martin Hruby. As a referring agency Becky at New Leaf offers an excellent service, with complete transparency about the surgeon record and the hospital in the Turnov, Czech Republic. All monies are paid directly to the hospital, and the majority can be paid on the day of surgery, so there is no possibility of the agent going out of business and you losing your hard earned cash. As you are having surgery in another country you might be worried about the lack of formal arrangements for aftercare, however, with the gastric plication (wrap) and VSG (sleeve) procedures, there is very little requirement for medical aftercare. New Leaf also have a very active online patient support forum, where honest opinions can be sought prior to surgery and great support provided after surgery with respect to diet regime. Dr Hruby is also happy to receive and answer emails from his former patient, giving advice, even though there is no contact to provide continuing care.

I was extremely happy with my treatment, both the surgery and the nursing care and the procedure has been very successful for my weight loss.

Alison, UK


“I used Newleaf to arrange my gastric sleeve in turnov the Czech Republic The owner of the business let me decide when I wanted the surgery, and I was part of the facebook page for many months and was never pestered to make a decision, I got plenty of help and watched other people go for surgery, I followed their progress. Then when I decided I wanted the gastric sleeve, Becky was fantastic. The operation was in Nov and I have lost 4 stone in weight. Fantastic hospital, fantastic surgeon. And spotless hospital. Nurses were great nothing to much trouble. I would recommend Newleaf you are the one who is in charge of when you want your surgery, Becky will contact the doc and send your info off and then if accepted it’s up to you no pushy sales tactics like some company’s. Great service thanks Newleaf .”

Treatment Received : Gastric Sleeve

Oakandali, UK


“Excellent treatment, collected at airport, settled well in the hospital, lovely clean room (en suite). All tests completed the next day, very thorough, supportive and bags of empathy and respect in equal measures!

Operation went perfectly, nursing staff can’t do enough for you, very strict hygiene procedures was amazingly reassuring!

Recovery excellent after the sleeve operation, great to fully recover there, made me feel fully fully recovered in my own time. Excellent, definitely recommend to others. l would go again tomorrow!”

Treatment Received : Gastric Sleeve

Gillian, UK


“I went for a wrap in December 2013. I chose this after reading about others’ experiences and reading all the literature provided. I have no complaints, I am delighted with the outcome of my surgery. I am able to control my eating with the ongoing support of the online community and making steady progress in my weight reduction journey. I found the clinic clean, the nurses friendly, the procedures explained well and carried out efficiently. I felt secure and confident. The food was mostly not to my liking but that was not really an issue as mainly taking fluids. The transport to and from Prague was comfortable and reliable. I would highly recommend the clinic for anyone travelling from the UK, the standard of care is equal to or better than at home.”

Treatment Received : Gastric Plication



“Becky and New Leaf Weight Loss Surgery are fantastic. I would definitely recommend using their services to arrange your bariatric surgery abroad at a fraction of the cost of UK clinics. The hospital is spotlessly clean, the nursing team are fantastic attending to all your patient needs and the surgeon is amazing. Dr Hruby has a wonderful bedside manner, speaks good English and will answer your questions putting you at ease with the procedure. There is an online group with support on-hand from previous patients with a vast knowledge and experience of pre/post-op surgery, aftercare and beyond. My sleeve operation was performed in December 2013, so far I have lost 3st9lbs. I have no hesitation in recommending Becky and New Leaf – they have helped me turn my life around. Thank you”

Treatment Received : VSG Sleeve



“Excellent, friendly, helpful, no sales pressure, clean no-frills hospital with full 7 night stay. Felt safe, cared-for and in expert hands. Dr Hruby is very approachable, and down to earth. He explains exactly what to expect with the surgery, and what we as patients need to do to help ourselves. I would recommend him without hesitation, and have returned for post-op skin removal as well.”

Treatment Received : Gastric Sleeve



“I had a great experience with New Leaf and Dr Hruby in the Czech Republic. Points for the price plus the length of stay at the hospital which beats being chucked out after 1-2 nights in the UK for over twice the price.

The hospital is clean, nurses are great and Dr H was excellent. He speaks very good English and is very calm.

I had a gastric sleeve on 8th April (11 weeks tomorrow) and lost nearly 2 stone, with pre-op diet nearly 3. I can eat most things, just not huge amounts, so I still have a social life etc. No regrets.”

Treatment Received : Gastric Sleeve

Kristy, UK


“The staff at New Leaf were very informative and reassuring from the start (and still continues to be supportive). My surgery went perfectly. The hospital in Turnov was clean and organised and I felt in very safe hands. I had zero nerves. The nurses were fabulous and Dr Hruby puts UK surgeons to shame!!! I have no regrets and would do it all again in a heartbeat! The price was very reasonable and I was treated so well and felt welcomed. Everything from start to finish was amazingly organised and I can’t fault anything about my surgery. More so as I am planning to go back again for abdominoplasty and have no worries. New Leaf and Dr Hruby are top class!”

Treatment Received : Gastric Sleeve

Michelle, UK


“First class care, lost 70lbs in 8 months with Gastric Plication surgery (wrap). Dr Hruby was very personable and professional and answered my questions indepth and honestly. I couldn’t recommend New Leaf anymore. From the Healthcare down to the amazing aftercare support, I can honestly say that the surgery was the best money I’ve ever spent.”

Treatment Received : Gastric Plication

Paul, Spain


“I have had a major issue with my weight for all of my life. I spent months researching the options available in the uk and overseas. The entire experience with New Leaf from initial contact to the procedure and now nearly 10 months post op has been first class. The quality of care by the medics and support team in the hospital was exceptional. I would not hesitate in recommending New Leaf, one of the aspects that sets them apart is the genuine client first approach, I asked lots of questions and nothing went unanswered. I never felt under any pressure unlike some other service providers I had been in contact with prior to New Leaf. The ability to share experiences with the New Leaf community has also been a great help since my op. I am not some one who is easily impressed however I have been and continue to impressed by the service and ongoing support by the team at New leaf. And regular thank my lucky stars that I went ahead with my sleeve. I am now 9 months post op and 7 1/2 stone down from my pre op weight. My life has changed enormously for the better and New Leaf and Dr H have made an awful lot of this possible.”

Treatment Received : Gastric sleeve



“This hospital,the treatment staff and admin staff outdid any expectations that I had. From the outset of my original enquiry to my post op advice it’s been amazing. I have fibromyalgia and had researched a gastric sleeve as a possible aid. Many clinics were helpful in their responses but new leaf were instantly friendly full of information and quick to respond to any questions I had. I instantly felt safe and secure and supported in my choice. Dr Hruby is a warm gentle and very professional surgeon and instantly puts you at ease. The girls on admin are there with you every step of the way and it becomes that your part of a family not a business. The nurses were so helpful and can’t do enough for you and they keep you and your travelling partner very comfortable. The hospital is so clean it puts our local ones to shame and the whole process is like a well oiled machine. I have recommended this to everyone I can and will be returning myself for more surgery once my weight has gone.”

Treatment Received : Gastric sleeve



“New Leaf organised my gastric sleeve in the Czech Republic in January. New Leaf liaise with the hospital and the surgeon to ensure that all the arrangements go according to plan re dates, type of surgery, eligibility, care and transport within the Czech Republic. I never felt like I was under any pressure or being persuaded towards the surgery. There is a very active Facebook Group of former and prospective patients who were able to answer all my questions and reassure me about the standard of care. The surgeon is very experienced and New Leaf provide statistics for all the procedures and success rates and complications. The hospital was clean and staff were very attentive, with several days recovery time in their care. It was very comforting that there were several other English-speaking New Leaf patients there at the same time. New Leaf kept in contact before, during and after and have continued to respond to any follow up queries. Prices are fantastic. I have no regrets about using this surgeon and New Leaf and I continue to use the Facebook Group for support and advice.”

Treatment Received : Gastric Sleeve

Branja UK


“I found New Leaf online and approached them straight away and within 2 days my mind was made up to go with this company. From the minute I spoke to them, they made me feel so welcome and at ease. 3 weeks later I was having my gastric sleeve and all I can say is what an amazing experience I had from start to finish. Every bit of my experience was easy and I never worried once as I knew I was in very good hands. The care from the nurses, and the amazing Dr Hruby was something I have never experienced before. They were beyond caring and professional. The hospital was so clean at all times and whenever you needed anything at all, the nurses were there at your beck and call. I would recommend New Leaf and the lovely and caring Amanda Duggan to anyone who wanted weight loss surgery. Thank you Amanda for making me happy.”

Treatment Received : Gastric Sleeve

Louise, Hertfordshire


“I cannot speak highly enough of the experience. From 1st contact they are caring and professional. Amanda Duggan takes time to discuss and ensure that you are fully aware of the procedures and nothing is hidden from anyone on the support group. No question is too silly and the support before, during and after is just incredible. Dr Hruby is a wonderful surgeon and will discuss things fully with you. The nurses are amazing and the language barrier was no hurdle. They ensure you are fit for surgery by doing tests.

Treatment Received : Gastric Plication


Facebook Reviews

  • 5 star review  I had a bypass in sept 16 and best decision I have ever done. Lost over 12.3stone got 1 stone left. Fab hospital and staff cannot fault them at all. Thanks new leaf �

    thumb Tracey Evans
    September 13, 2017
  • positive review  I have been overweight for most of my life. There isn’t a diet or plan I haven’t tried. I’ve had counselling and hypnosis before. I had always resisted surgery as “the easy way out” and the worry of being judged. But I was judged for being overweight!! I tried another drastic and expensive diet and after a massive 7 stone loss in 4 months I fell off the wagon spectacularly. It was then that I realised that I couldn’t do it alone! I finally realised that this was my last chance. Amanda and everyone at New Leaf supported me all the way. I had gastric sleeve surgery in January 2019 and 4 months later am 4 stone lighter. I also signed up for coaching to support my journey. And it has honestly revolutionised my life. I’m in control now and not food. After 20 years of emotional eating I now have found other ways to soothe myself. I’m losing weight and it’s not a battle. I wholeheartedly recommend surgery, but more than that I recommend the coaching! I’m finally free!!!

    thumb Carly Lancaster
    May 16, 2019
  • 5 star review  Amanda, marie and dr Hruby and all the staff at the hospital were 5 star excelent and the price affordable. Thank you for giving me my life back ❤ My biggest regret that i didn't go sooner . I higly recomment to everyone who are thinking of going to stop think about it and do it! Thank you all so much ❤❤

    thumb Sunneva ósk Ayari
    July 29, 2018
  • positive review  I would highly recommend New leaf, talked me through it step by step, always at the end of an email, made a very hard decision so easy and glad I made it, unfortunately I couldn’t have the surgery done which was discovered during the pre tests but hopefully will definitely go back, the support afterwards for me even without the surgery has been great and also met 4 incredible lovely ladies who are all doing great on their weight loss journey, if your thinking about it just do it and you will be delighted with New leaf, I know I was and am 💕💕

    thumb Elaine Hannon
    July 28, 2019
  • positive review  I'm very pleased with the service I received. So happy I chose this company ❤

    thumb Erna Karen Þórarinsdóttir
    June 28, 2019
  • 5 star review  Hi all just wanted to let people know how happy I am after finding new leaf true my friend. I had my sleeve done march 1st 2016 one year on I am so happy with the new me . Not only do I look different I am so much confident in my self and my health is so much better. When I started I was 16-10 in weight and 20-22 in clothes , I am now 11 stone and size 14 I also was borderline diabetes and polycystic ovaries and had no minstrel cycled for years. I am now clear of all this and I am like clock work each month I feel like a woman again . The help I got off all the staff and the new leaf page is incredible. There is always someone to help and answer question. It is a long road at the start and feel did I make the right decision.but when u find your feet see the weight coming down u will know. So for anyone thinking about having Work done go for it I am so happy I did thanks DR H for giving me the life I have always wanted

    thumb Charlene Marshall
    March 1, 2017
  • positive review  Best thing I ever did. I would recommend Newleaf to anyone struggling with weight loss. My only side affect was weight loss 👌👌👌

    thumb Emma Young
    June 30, 2019
  • 5 star review  The whole experience was great. Amanda was quick to reply to my many, many inquiries, Marie was equally as supportive especially during the week before/during/after surgery, and the support group provided a number of inspiring "real person" stories. This was the cheapest gastric sleeve surgery I could find in the UK and Europe, so it was well worth the price. The hospital was clean and had everything we needed, and although the staff didn't speak English they were very attentive and helpful. I would highly recommend new leaf to anyone considering bariatric surgery 😊

    thumb Melissa Spence
    August 6, 2018
  • 5 star review  Dr Pilka and his team are fantastic. New Leaf made sure they found an excellent surgeon who not only does a great surgical job but also provides excellent care at a brilliant price. Love my tummy tuck and arm lift. Feel like a new woman after 8.5 stone weight loss.

    thumb Tracie Wills
    February 7, 2017
  • positive review  I had my surgery with New Leaf Weight Loss Surgery in April 2017. I decided on having a sleeve gastrectomy. I’m a senior NHS nurse with over 15 years of ICU experience. I chose New Leaf after a considerable amount of research into the different companies offering weight loss surgery throughout the EU. The fact that this surgery was done in a proper hospital with a real ICU gave me the confidence that they were fully equipped to deal with any complication that could have happened from the surgery. I saw all of the photos, read all of the reviews I could find for both the hospital and the surgeon and watched the New Leaf Support Group Facebook page for a couple of months while making my decision. The complete transparency of the support group openly discussing every patients experiences, even those very few that involved some of the common known complications of weight loss surgery gave me the confidence that New Leaf really cared about their patients. They proved that they wanted everyone on their support group to be able to make an informed decision about whether surgery was right for them. My experience in the hospital in Turnov was excellent. The nursing staff were extremely caring and vigilant. They answered your call bell immediately and even though there was a language barrier they tried extremely hard to to find out what we needed. The hospital was well equipped, clean and where it really matters had modern up to date equipment. Then there is Dr Hruby, the surgeon, an amazing man with an incredible bedside manner and able to speak perfect English. He visited each of us several times a day and had the time to respond to every question. I felt incredibly well looked after and had every confidence in the staff there. I have recommended New Leaf to work colleagues and friends and their experiences have mirrored my own. I have exceeded my weight loss target and have maintained through the support of everyone on the support group of who have all used New Leaf, have followed the same pre and post surgery guidelines and have a real understanding of the New Leaf experience. The communication from Amanda was second to none. There was no hard sell like many of the other companies. I was given the time I needed to make my decision and when ready was provided with all of the information I needed quickly and very well presented. Would I chose New Leaf again? Of course I would.

    thumb Scott Feely-Henderson
    September 30, 2018

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