Frequently Asked Questions ?

Why should I use New Leaf

New Leaf Weight Loss Solutions offers access to bariatric (weight loss) surgery of the highest quality with two of the best Czech surgeons at affordable prices. We also offer pre and post surgery support which is second to none; with a team consisting of an Eating Psychology Coach, Nutritionists and Personal trainers. All of our staff have had surgery themselves with one of our surgeons and can therefore empathise with you every step of the way.

Can I bring friends and family with me?

Yes, unlike some other bariatric surgery companies, you can bring a friend or family member. We will add a second bed to your room for this purpose but you must have a private room for this. The fee for the extra person is 30 euro per night, which includes standard hospital meals. Please be aware that this room gets booked up quickly, so please plan ahead. You may also wish to consider booking your companion into a local hotel, there are a variety in the local town of Turnov; only a 5 minute walk away and they can visit the hospital at any time they wish.

If I have complications following my surgery, can I stay longer than planned?

Yes, you will not be released form the hospital until your surgeon is happy that you have recovered enough following your surgery to make the journey home. You will not be charged any extra for up to a week.

After the initial week has passed, should you need to continue your stay in hospital (very small chance), prices are taken from the Czech medical service price list. The price differs according to necessary care. One day at a standard department will be 80-100 euro, one day in intensive care will be 500-1000 euro. This is over and above your 6 inclusive days. Patients are advised to take out separate medical insurance where possible.

Concerning the surgery, what risks are there?

Any surgery carries a risk. However this must be weighed up against the risk of staying morbidly obese. Your stay in the hospital following surgery will allow close monitoring and resolution to complications, with an extended stay if necessary.

Complications include post operative bleeding, perforation of the stomach, oesophagus or intestine, venous thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, dermal lesion, bacterial infection. These complications are rare, and great care is taken to avoid them. However, like all surgeries, problems can and do occur, but they are unusual. Our surgeons have a less than 1% risk history which is very, very low compared to International averages of 4%

What post operative care is provided?

You have continued life time access to our team of patient co-ordinators who will support you with all of your post operative questions regarding nutrition, exercise and eating psychology. You will also have access to our surgeons for any medical questions and support. If you wish, you can take up individualised Eating Pyschology Coaching with Amanda to give you the very best chance of obtaining a normal relationship with food and conquering any emotional eating triggers.

Do your team and the surgeons speak English?

Our team in the UK are British. Our surgeons and other doctors at the hospitals can converse with patients in clear English. Concerning the nursing staff, some speak English and some do not, but all are happy to try to make themselves understood using Google Translate on the computer at the nurses workstation. Communication shouldn’t be a problem, but Google Translate is there just in case.

Do you offer finance, and how can I pay?

Unfortunately we do not provide credit, please approach your bank first, or look online for medical loans. Many patients take out a no interest credit card for this purpose. You pay a 400 euro deposit by international bank transfer two months before your surgery date; the remainder you pay at the hospital when you arrive either by debit or credit card or Euro cash. Please inform your bank so that they do not stop the transaction.

Is it safe to fly home after surgery?

It is safe to fly home after your surgery. Patients are advised to stay until the Saturday or Sunday to ensure they are sufficiently recovered. Daily heparin injections are administered to prevent thrombosis, so there should be less risk than usual.

How do I decide which is the correct surgery for me?

Please look at the Types of Surgery pages for further guidance. Our surgeons will use the questionnaire and photos that you sent to assess the best type of surgery for you. The staff at New Leaf Weight Loss Solutions are also happy to discuss the procedures with you. Your final face to face pre-op consultation with your surgeon will ensure you are fully informed and happy with the choice of surgery.

I am taking medication, can I proceed with surgery?

Yes, but please make sure you have informed us of your medications on the medical form. This is most important. Blood thinners (eg aspirin, warfarin, clopidogrel) need to be stopped before surgery. You will be informed when to discontinue these medications.



“Would I do it again, you betcha!” “I cannot speak highly enough of the experience. From 1st contact they are caring and professional. Amanda Dugan takes time to discuss and ensure that you are fully aware of the procedures and nothing is hidden from anyone on the support group.No question is too silly and the support before, during and after is just incredible. Dr Hruby is a wonderful surgeon and will discuss things fully with you. The nurses are amazing and the language barrier was no hurdle. They ensure you are fit for surgery by doing tests.   Treatment Received : Gastric Plication Total Amount Paid : €2,150


“An amazing experience” “I found New Leaf Weight Loss Surgery Abroad online and approached them straightaway and within 2 days my mind was made up to go with this company. From the minute I spoke to them, they made me feel so welcome and at ease. 3 weeks later I was having my gastric sleeve and all I can say is what an amazing experience I had from start to finish. Every bit of my experience was easy and I never worried once as I knew I was in very good hands. The care from the nurses, and the amazing Dr Hruby was something I have never experienced before. They were beyond caring and professional. The hospital was so clean at all times and whenever you needed anything at all, the nurses were there at your beck and call. I would recommend New Leaf and the lovely and caring Amanda Duggan to anyone who wanted weight loss surgery. Thank you Amanda for making me happy.” Treatment Received : Gastric Sleeve Total Amount Paid : €4510

Louise, Hertfordshire

“No regrets” “New Leaf organised my gastric sleeve in the Czech Republic in January. New Leaf liaise with the hospital and the surgeon to ensure that all the arrangements go according to plan re dates, type of surgery, eligibility, care and transport within the Czech Republic. I never felt like I was under any pressure or being persuaded towards the surgery. There is a very active Facebook Group of former and prospective patients who were able to answer all my questions and reassure me about the standard of care. The surgeon is very experienced and New Leaf provide statistics for all the procedures and success rates and complications. The hospital was clean and staff were very attentive, with several days recovery time in their care. It was very comforting that there were several other English-speaking New Leaf patients there at the same time. New Leaf kept in contact before, during and after and have continued to respond to any follow up queries. Prices are fantastic. I have no regrets about using this surgeon and New Leaf and I continue to use the Facebook Group for support and advice.” Treatment Received : Gastric Sleeve Total Amount Paid : £3800

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