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Alison’s Story

I contacted New Leaf when I was considering bariatric surgery in the Summer of 2013. The staff at New Leaf, and the other patients on the associated Facebook Group were a font of information, and it was very reassuring being able to message other patients and see uncensored discussion about experiences in Facebook. I was very pleased that there was never any pressure to book, but plenty of time to think things over. This gave me the courage to book surgery with New Leaf. I was quite apprehensive, having never had any surgery, to be going abroad for elective surgery, but Dr Hruby’s CV was excellent, paying directly to the hospital, rather than to an agent and the fact that the surgery was in a general hospital with full ICU facilities was very reassuring.

“I was very pleased that there was never any pressure to book, but plenty of time to think things over.”

The arrangements (transfers from Prague airport and booking in at the hospital) went smoothly, and a comprehensive battery of pre-operative tests also reassured me. Dr Hruby has excellent English and the nurses have some English. The hospital seemed clean and well staffed; easy to find a nurse, unlike in a UK NHS ward where staff seem very stretched.

“Post operative nursing was excellent, very responsive and caring…”

Plenty of pain relief (only necessary for the first couple of days) and anti-sickness drugs if required. Dr Hruby gives patients a thorough pep talk before discharge on how to make a success of your new dietary regime.

I had the surgery at the end of November 2013 and, including the pre-operative diet, have lost more than half my body weight, reaching a normal BMI in about 8 months.

I am able to do lots of things I always wanted to, but never imagined I would, like running 10k regularly, wearing size 8 skinny jeans and shrinking from a size 40G bra to a 32C.

Best of all, I feel extremely fit and healthy. Now nearly 18 months post-op, I am maintaining my loss and can eat any kind of food, if I choose to, but only in small portions. I wish I had had the surgery 30 years earlier, instead of at 47.


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