Emma’s Story

My weight has fluctuated since I had my first child twenty six years ago, I have been on numerous diets and healthy eating plans over the years and would manage to lose a couple of stone, only to end up putting it back on and a bit more ! A year ago I was at my heaviest weight ever, I felt trapped in the revolving door of diets and decided I needed to do something more permanent as my weight was just going up and up, having problems with my back and other joints I could see the problems my weight was having on my greater health and my mother had type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and various only health issues related to being over weight.

“I felt trapped in the revolving door of diets.”

I spent a lot of time researching various weight loss procedures and narrowed it down to the gastric wrap or the gastric sleeve. My best friend had a gastric sleeve the year before with a company called New Leaf, I contacted them to ask for further information and was amazed by how helpful they were and the fact that they didn’t pressure me into anything, they were happy to answer all my questions and believe me I had many! Having discussed both options of surgery I decided to opt for the gastric sleeve as I wanted to permanently reduce the size of my stomach and also the part of the stomach they remove contains the part that produces the hormone that makes you hungry. I booked my surgery for three months time, ten days before flying out I started my pre op diet which I thought I would struggle with but I actually found very easy and managed to lose 9lbs before I went. The flight was short and I was collected at the airport and transferred to the hospital, my nerves were really kicking in but the staff made me feel very welcome and when I met Dr Hruby I knew I was in safe hands.

The following day was spent having various tests and before I knew it, I was being wheeled down for surgery. Coming round in my room I couldn’t believe it had been done ! I felt no pain, just a dry mouth to show I had I operation done ! No sickness or any side affects of the general anaesthetic, I slept on and off for the next 24 hrs the nurses were constantly coming to check and see if I needed anything and Dr Hruby also came to see me. Before I knew it I was up and about, feeling slightly uncomfortable and very tired but no pain, I started on the fruit tea and moved onto yogurt drinks, the following few days flew by and I even managed a slow walk into the local town and before I knew it,  I was boarding the plane to come home.

My weight loss has been amazing I have lost 6 stone in six and a half months, my back is feeling loads better and I have more energy than I have ever had ! The care I received in Turnov was amazing, the support and guidance I have received from New Leaf has been second to none, my only regret is that I didn’t have it done years ago, I would recommend New Leaf and Dr Hruby to anyone considering weight loss surgery.


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