Emma’s Story – Sleeve

Like many overweight people I spent many miserable years looking and searching for the quick fix or the answer to my weight issues and if you’re in that situation yourself here and now reading this let me tell you there is no golden egg! No quick fix! And no miracle cures!

There are however tools to help you lose the weight providing you’re prepared to put the work in yourself and that’s weight loss surgery; whichever form you chose it to be.

To be clear this will not be a quick fix but it will certainly help you succeed in ways in which you have failed before and will reward you in ways you will have never experienced.  I’m here to give you an honest perspective of weight loss surgery; from my point of view … everyone has different experiences.

“This WILL change your life forever”

My advice here before you make this decision is to research! Yes we all long for affordable surgery and you WILL find that with New Leaf but you need to understand and be ready to fully commit to what having surgery means for you.

I started my journey in January 2013, desperately looking to lose the additional 11 stone I was carrying. I found the founder of the New Leaf business and she had provided me with direct contact to Dr Hruby, by the February after lots of contact with the doctor I had made the decision and had booked my Gastric Sleeve Operation for the August.

From there I was matched up with 2 ladies who were travelling at the same time as me and there is a fantastic Facebook group full of people at various stages of their journeys that are so willing to help with any questions or concerns you have …. I still ask questions now! And despite the fact I wasn’t a New Leaf customer (booked directly with Dr H, before NL existed) all New Leaf staff have been incredibly supportive of me when I have needed it.

 On arriving in the Czech Republic I had not one worry or concern. You are picked up by Milan who is lovely and he takes you the hour and half to Turnov in the hospital ambulance. You are shown to your ensuite room and the nurses are wonderfully supportive and caring, despite the language barrier.

There are plenty of pre-op checks to ensure you are ready and viable for surgery and the aftercare at the hospital was faultless and nothing is too much for these ladies.

On returning home is where the work starts! You have to work with your tool and stick to the rules … they are there for a reason.  If you don’t follow the rules there are consequences and you will experience things like foamies and dumping which is why you need to be ready for your journey and ensure you full research what weight loss surgery means for you.

“So where am I today? Well as of May 2015 I have lost 10 and a half stone.  This took me 18 months of work and dedication, you need to work with your tool”.

I had low points but the high points are far greater are so rewarding! My life had completely changed and I have happiness and confidence I just didn’t have as a morbidly obese person.

You can see for yourself in my pictures!

Would I recommend New Leaf, Dr H and WLS … yes absolutely! This WILL change your life forever


Aged 35

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