Louise’s Story

At almost 17 stone 2014 had got off to a pretty horrendous start.  My dad aged 67 was diagnosed with Stomach cancer in February 2013. He had numerous rounds of chemotherapy and his stomach completely removed in August 2013 followed by more chemo in the Autumn.  He was weak and unfortunately took a turn for the worst in January 2014 and sadly died 5 weeks later.

“I was depressed with my size”

I was depressed with my size, couldn’t go into a shop and come out with a smile on my face and when I bought a size 22 top to wear to his funeral I was mortified.  I ate too much and ate for comfort!

In April I discovered New leaf, I knew I didn’t want a gastric band and was worried about having most of my stomach removed having watched my dad lose weight dramatically. I had never heard of the gastric wrap so investigated this further.

By the first week in May I had booked the wrap with Dr Hruby in Turnov telling only my mum, husband and 2 close friends. I didn’t want their opinion I wanted them to know and they honoured this wish to not say what they were thinking.

I flew to Turnov on Sunday 22nd June, bit scary and isolating, I’m in the medical profession so felt like I was comparing the service I had 24/7.  The pre op tests carried out on the Monday went smoothly and the operation took place on the Tuesday 24th.

I woke up in the orange room so I knew all had gone ok, the nursing team and Dr Hruby were attentive, caring and very helpful.  Google translate became my best friend.  I checked out on the Friday to a hotel in Prague before flying home on the Saturday evening to my family.

Life for 3 weeks on liquids was tough but I stuck with it before starting mush and eventually solid food.

The key is protein first this fills you up more and is better for you.  I have been extremely well (touch wood) since the surgery, I’ve not taken any multi vitamins and have had my bloods checked recently. I haven’t always measured my portion sizes and I don’t eat 6-7 times a day, BUT I’m not hungry.

The surgery is a tool to help you lose weight and not a quick fix, the stomach can be stretched and weight can be gained, occasionally the odd pound or two does go up but I know what to do.  My portions of food before surgery were too big that’s why I was big.

So where am I today?  We as of May 2015 I have lost 10 and a half stone.  This took me 18 months of dedication, you need to work with your tool.

So far I have lost 5 stone and 1lb dropped from a size 20-22 to a 12-14.

I’ve got my life back and now need to learn how to take a compliment!

Good luck to anyone considering weight loss surgery it’s tough in the beginning but well worth it. You are in safe hands with Dr Hruby and his team.

Louise Clarke

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