Sharyn’s Story

I have always been overweight, as a child I was put on many diets, tried every pill and fad and managed to get heavier with each attempt to lose weight. At my heaviest I was just under 21 stone.

In 2013 I was left money and knew that surgery was my last option. I spent months researching the various procedures available and it was during this time that I was directed to New Leaf and Dr Hruby.

“The support that I have had, from the moment of first contact through to today (almost 2 years post op) is second to none. “

The decision making process was made very clear as I was given a wealth of information about the various wls options along with Dr Hrubys CV. I was able to research him at my own leisure and was extremely impressed with both his expertise and his success rates for the various surgeries.

After several months of chatting to New Leaf and bombarding them with questions I decided that the gastric plication would be my preferred choice and in August 2013 I travelled to Turnov for surgery.

My stay at the hospital was faultless, immaculately clean, very attentive and caring nurses and I finally got to meet the wonderful Dr Hruby. He made it very clear that weight loss surgery is only a tool and that it would be down to me to make the correct nutritional choices and to exercise.

“My Stay at the hospital was faultless”.

I embraced my new start and as soon as I was allowed to I embarked on a fitness regime that has helped my weight loss and given me a new focus in life. I’m now over 8 stone lighter and maintaining a healthy bmi. With my new found love of exercise I decided to combine my previous qualifications in anatomy and physiology along with my current degree that I am studying for (life sciences) and am in the process of obtaining my personal training qualification. The fitness company that I currently train with have been so impressed with my dedication and my body transformation that they have offered me a position with them to train as an instructor.

“As I tell everyone – If I can do it then you can!”.

I was delighted to be offered the role of admin (mainly focusing on exercise) with New Leaf and the ability to encourage others who are just about to embark on their own journey. As I tell everyone “if I can do it then you can!”

It’s important to remember that after wls you won’t wake up skinny with all your food demons a distant memory, its a tool and requires dedication. The rules may be boring but are very necessary and by following them you will be setting yourself along the right course for a healthy life.

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