Steuart’s Story

I had a torrid time with weight problems over many years and yo-yo’d up and down especially in the last 14 years. I would lose weight and then put it back on with extra!

I was not given support by my local NHS and was told at 26 stone  (5ft 10 in – BMI 47.3) to put on 3 stone before they would help me! I looked at a private surgery solution and at £18,000 plus it was too expensive.

How glad I was to find NewLeaf and Dr Hruby!

“How Glad I was to find Dr Hruby!”

I didnt listen to the sound advice from Dr Hruby, to have a gastric Sleeve, as I was adamant I wanted the Gastric Plication (AKA wrap) because of the want to keep my body intact rather than lose part of my stomach. I went for the wrap on the summer of 2013 and the wrap gave me a great initial loss. And I lost 5 stone (31kg) over the next year. I did have problems with a Pulmonary Embolism after surgery but that is a reminder that all procedures have risk. However I was made well aware of all possible complications and was given great support from initial enquiry to the present day; but more later!

I realised that I had chosen the wrong procedure and hadn’t listened to the great advice from Dr Hruby and that the Wrap hadn’t been the answer to my requirements and was putting weight on. So, in December 2014 I went for a revision as I hadn’t worked with the wrap and it was not correct. The wrap couldn’t be rectified and a Gastric Sleeve was conducted.

Even with 2 visits to the excellent Hospital in Turnov my costs were less than 30% of the option in the UK and the  full hospital facilities in Turnov were excellent.

To date (August 2015) I have lost over 6 stone (39kg ) and my current stats are 13st 5 lbs (85kg), BMI is 26.8 and my total weight loss is  over  80kg!! My health has improved dramatically, I have bought my first designer suits and life has changed for the better!!

All through this journey the support I have had from Amanda, Becky and Dr Hruby has been 110% . The support forum they provide with fellow “Losers” is inspirational and would recommend NewLeaf and Dr Hruby without any reservations!


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